Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Scribe

Saying goodbye to the Scribe is hard.

You might think its just a pseudonym, probably one of dozens on the Net but it really isn't.

When I took on the persona of the Scribe back in 1998, there was hardly anyone using the word 'scribe' as a screen name. Now they're all over the place and while I'm not so egotistical to think I had any part in that it does please me to know that I was one of the first.

I've been the Scribe for the last fifteen years and hiding behind the safety of that screen name, my writing has been able to take me to a galaxy far, far, away,  to the old west town of Four Corners and even to Middle Earth. Visiting these places allowed me to become a better writer, provided me a training ground to hone my writing skills and find the confidence to build my own worlds and create my own characters.

But more importantly, being the Scribe has led me to connect with real people all over the world, not just screen names, some of whom are my closest and dearest friends.

I went to United States to visit a friend I met playing a Star Trek Role Playing Game, we drank magaritas and went to Disneyland. I've watched another raise a son all on her own and its been my privilege to be her friend when times have been especially hard on her. I met one of my closest friends over our mutual love for all things Michael Biehn and today I realised her daughter is going to be nine in a month. It was only yesterday we getting drunk and debating whether or not she should buy a boat or a motorcycle.

In the end it was neither, because she found she was going to have a baby.

These moments would not have been possible without the Scribe and now that I'm devoting myself to becoming one of thousands of Indie writers,giving her up is like giving up a security blanket I've had for years. The Scribe was more than just an outlet for my creativity, it produced lifelong relationships with people I still continue to cherish, who exist to me as more than just names on an Instant Messenger screen.

So tonight, I say goodbye to the Scribe and I thank her for everything she's given me this past fifteen years. I'm gonna miss her.


  1. Will miss the Scribe, but am very excited about Linda Thackeray and the adventure to come!

  2. Gone, but never forgotten! And still good times to come!